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Rifle Thermal Sight
Welcome to Miltech Hellas
dynamic industry in the area of high technology
electronic systems, telecommunication accessories,
aircraft harnesses and other special purpose
electronics applications, established in 1997 by a team
of engineers with outstanding experience in the
electronics sector....

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A modern, dynamic industry in the area of

- Aerospace & Avionics Electronics
- Tactical Communications
- Thermal Imaging Products
- Avionics Cables & Harnesses
- Electronic Fuses
- Modernization Programs
- Software development solutions
- Design & development of hardware solutions
- CAX and combat simulation systems

Producer of a wide variety technology edge products, for
demanding customers all over the world.

Your immediate response partner for your offsets and/or
co-production obligations for the Hellenic Ministry of Defense.
Strategic Vision, Pure and Simple

Quality at Low Cost; Our Objective