Simulation Systems

A Computer-Assisted Exercise (CAX) runs on simulation models that are designed to put the participants in a realistic, stressful combat-like environment and perform the desired training objectives. It can be applied in both Civil & Military scenarios.

CAX exercises aim to nurture decision-making, interaction with command and control systems and coordination between headquarters, as well as practice on staff procedures.

MILTECH HELLAS CAX Support Team consists of 14 CAX expert operators who can offer exceptional services worldwide within a very short time of notice and preparation. Our team members are extensively trained, they have a military background and are certified by the Modeling & Simulation Center of Excellence (M&S CoE) in Rome, Italy.

In the framework of a support contract between MILTECH HELLAS S.A. and NATO/JWC, we are the main supporters of all CAX exercises in NATO/JWC Stavanger-Norway, JFC Naples-Italy (CAX exercise Naples Vision 2013), as well as NRDC/GR Thessaloniki-Greece (CAX exercise Gordian Knot 2014).


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