Since 1997, we have been dominating the Hellenic Defence Industry by providing state-of-the-art products that address the modern needs of the defence and civilian domains. Our facility is located 20 km east of Athens and is housed in a 10.000 m² building with cutting-edge technological equipment.

Our mission is utterly connected with innovation, clarity, and business ethics. These 3 pillars empower us to set high goals, achieve complete client satisfaction and nurture the professional development of our employees.

Our vision is to supply our products based on diligence, effectiveness, and professionalism. We also want to actively participate in the technology development of our field of expertise, innovate and extend the range of applications modern technology offers today. Finally, we want to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our partners and suppliers.

After Sales Support

Evaluation & Adaptivity

Technical Expertise

Competitive Prices

High resistance to
natural causes

Our strength is our people. High qualified engineers and scientists with expertise in core technologies.


Our offices are housed in our main 10.000 m² facility and provide a welcoming place to employees, partners, and clients.

Decorated by ancient Greek artworks, painted in white to reflect ethics and inspire positivity, and enhanced with cutting-edge security standards like access control points and surveillance, our offices are not only a welcoming place, but can also guarantee that data and client sensitive information remain totally secure.

Finally, our modern conference rooms and office spaces guarantee that our personnel has every necessity available to focus on what matters the most – providing products and services that satisfy your needs and requirements.


Our philosophy can be fully summarized in the following five words: our strength is our people. This motto fully reflects the structure and ethics of our facilities and employees and ultimately illustrates the way we operate.

Our manpower consists of high-quality engineers and scientists with expertise in core. Through constant nurturing of professional development and provision of state-of-the-art technology, our experts not only produce innovative products but pave the way for the overall technology development of the defence field.

Our highly trained personnel specializes in electronic manufacturing and high-quality manual testing of final electronic devices by harnessing the power of revolutionary laser cutting and printing machines, as well as automated electrical test equipment.

The rest of our facilities consists of an optical lab with a 150m² clean room, nitrogen flow boxes, black body sources and collimators of the latest technology, as well as cutting-edge automatic and software-driven tools.


Our state of the art facilities & highly qualified personnel has empowered some of the most prestigious defence organisations to trust us


Our list of certificates and honors includes enterprise excellence as well as ISO standards awards and credentials that prove our quality. We are authorized to handle graded material according to NATO C-M(2002)49 FINAL Security System.