Hand Cranked Portable Generator


Serial Code: 123456

The MLT-HCG-24P is a portable generator converting the mechanical energy of its crank to electrical energy for the upkeep (recharging) of any Nickel-Cadmium battery up to 24 Volts.

The device is housed in a robust waterproof aluminum housing to endure vibration shocks. Despite its robust construction it is light and compact to ensure trouble-free portability. The generator with its accessories is transported in a canvas carrying case CAS-243.

The generator can be operated either fixed to the support SUP-241 held by the operator or fixed against a tree by means of the support SUP-242.



Serial Code: 123456


At 40 RPM, 12 Ohm load:

Output Voltage: 8.60 - 10.40 Vdc

Output Current: 0.70 - 0.90 Amp

At 60 RPM, 12 Ohm load:

Output Voltage: 13.80 - 16.20 Vdc

Output Current: 1.10 - 1.40 Amp

Short Circuit Current: <3 Amp

Open Circuit Voltage: 18-22 Vdc

At 120 RPM, 12 Ohm load:

Output Voltage: <22 Vdc (Zener limit)

Output Voltage: 24.50 - 29.90 Vdc (without Zener)

Output Current: 2.10 - 2.50 Amp (without Zener)

Key Characteristics

Material: Aluminum casting

Cable length: ~3m

Weight: <2.7 Kg

Environmental Characteristics

Operating Temperature: -25 to +55 °C

Storage Temperature: -45 to +71 °C

Environmental protection*: Rain, Sand and Dust

*Tests based to MIL-STD-810C M.506.1



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