Reducing fuel consumption and emissions on small passenger ships by adopting an innovative solution for thermoelectric energy recovery


RECOMAR project has the objective to develop an innovative system (laboratory prototype) for static energy recovery from exhaust gases in small passenger ships (eg Ferry Boats), through the adoption of modern technologies for thermoelectric power generation and power electronics, in an energy sustainable manner. In particular, the energy recovery system to be developed will be based on a static thermoelectric generator, which will partially exploit the thermal energy of the exhaust gases coming from the ship’s generators, converting it into electrical. This electricity will then be transferred to the ship’s power grid through a suitable electronic power converter, thus covering a part of its electrical loads. The design of the thermoelectric exhaust energy recovery system will be customized to optimal performance for small passenger ships. Additionally, the innovative system will carry an array of supercapacitors suitably dimensioned to help improve the ship’s electrical power quality. In this context, a real-time power monitoring system (PMS) will be designed and built. The main body of the system will be power meters, which will be installed at selected points of the power grid and will communicate with each other via a local Intranet that will be installed in the ship’s bridge.